Notecards of my paintings may be purchased individually by adding them to the cart on that painting's page in the Gallery. I also offer packages of cards in the following combinations:

Package Included Cards Price




1 of "Meet Me at the Garden Gate"
1 of "Monday Morning in Carmel"
1 of "The Market"
1 of "The Blue Gate"
1 of "Plein Aire"
1 of "Sausalito Flower Shop"
1 of "Prescott Park"
(7 cards total)







1 of "Watching Over Me"
1 of "Emily"
1 of "This is My Country"
1 of "Builders and Designers of Tomorrow"
2 of "First Day"
(6 cards total)





Window Boxes


2 of "A Window by the Sea"
2 of "A Gardener's Palette"
2 of "Nancy's Window Box"
2 of "Old World Charm"
(8 cards total)





Spokane Scenes


2 of "Riverfront Reflections"
2 of "Manito Reflections"
2 of "Manito Rose Garden"
2 of "Summer's End on the St. Marie's"
(8 cards total)






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